Run 3


Run 3 is a game - travel in outer space. Now it is available simply by clicking on a link in your computer's browser. This is an exciting runner in which the main goal is to go as far as possible through the space tunnel, avoiding traps, pits, falling objects. Try to open new levels and sublevels, run as far as possible so as not to stumble and not fly into outer space!

In Run 3, your hero will be an alien monster. At the very beginning of the path, he will be weak, slow. The more you pass, the more levels you open - other characters, stronger ones, with new abilities will become available to you.

Run 3 has 10 levels in total, each of which has many sub levels. Your task is to explore new tunnels, corridors, territories, while avoiding dangers. The run will be challenging and the game will be really fun.

The game Run 3 provides the simplest controls:
  • Arrows are used to move.
  • To jump - space or up arrow.
  • R to reset
  • P - pause

This is enough for your little space hero to successfully complete the levels.

The game interface is laconic, extremely clear. Run 3 game delivers the sea pleasure.

Run along the endless tunnel full of dangers. A little skill and you will definitely be a winner! Play Run 3 - a whole new galaxy awaits!

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