Want to have a cool time in your free time? Then the game 1v1.LOL is what you need! One of the coolest online toys for boys and not only is already waiting for you. This simulator is played by millions of people around the world! The game really deserves the attention of those who love Fortnight style games.

Here you can show your strength and intelligence, and prove that you are the best gamer of all times and peoples. Enter competitions in which many other real players are participating. Social networks that are connected to 1v1.LOL will be able to help find an opponent or make a friend.

Main goal of the game - to survive! And for this purpose should be to eliminate the enemy, to be the last survivor, and this will help the construction of platforms and various structures.

Here you can control the 3D-characters, choosing for his warrior different types of weapons to defend and attack, build a variety of arenas to develop winning positions in order to stay in the match winner.

The game 1v1.LOL provided several game modes:
  • Team play.
  • 1 on 1.
  • 2 by 2.
  • FreeBuild, where one can practice and improve the skills of construction and later use them in a team game. You are given an unlimited amount of building materials.
  • Aim Trainer - a mode in which you can learn how to control a warrior and get practical skills in military skill.

The game controls are available on the left side of the screen. With the help of certain keys on the keyboard, your character will jump, run, move, shoot, to build, to change platforms and weapons, and open doors.

With the passage of each level, you will open a new, not less interesting game mode 1v1.LOL.

We wish you a cool game, worthy opponents and brilliant victories!

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