Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels is a racing game, an arcade game, but there are no high speed cars or motorbikes. And the heroes are far from being tough racers, but ordinary men, women, old people and even a wheelchair guy. Happy Wheels is an unusual game, sometimes with violent scenes, but very addicting.

This game provides more than 60 unique levels, some of which are offered by the developers, and some are created by the players themselves. The best cards go to the TOP, which is very nice. You can also choose from 9 characters, each of which is completely different and has unique abilities. The task of your hero is to go as far as possible, opening new levels. The difficulty is that the mortal dangers of your rider lie in wait everywhere. These are spikes, mines, destroying balls, harpoons and much more. Awkward movement and your character may lose part of his body or even fly to pieces, hitting a mine. Cruel! But it is no less interesting to go further!

The game controls are simple:
  • Arrows - movement left, right, backward, forward.
  • Space - jump.

The game has amazing gameplay, simply unrealistic physics, and simple graphics make the journey fun.

Play Happy Wheels directly in your browser, you do not need to download and specially install it on your computer.

The whole goal of the game is to reach the finish line and you will see the inscription VICTORY! We wish you victory in this exciting survival race!

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