Just Fall.LOL - Fun Unblocked Game that you can play at school

Welcome to the fun game Just Fall.LOL. Penguin Hexagon.

You can play it from your computer, in your Internet browser, simply by clicking on the link Just Fall LOL.com. A simple game, but at the same time requiring skill and dexterity, sharpness of thinking, will help you to escape from worries, relax, and spend your free time pleasantly.


Just Fall.LOL is an online game played by many users in Europe, Asia and the USA. There are at least 1500 participants on each continent in this game.

In each separate game, 8 real players participate in addition to you, who control cute penguins. You will compete with them! The task is to hold out on the ice for as long as possible and be the last to fall into the ocean. Many levels, interesting puzzles and well-deserved victories await you!

On the main page of the game Just Fall.LOL - a cute little penguin is waiting for you, to whom you can give a name and choose a color. If you wish, you can ask for a specific game to certain participants or invite someone to your game. In the Practice section, you can practice managing your penguin. Everything is extremely simple:

  • The A, S, D and W buttons on the keyboard allow the penguin to move forward, backward, left, right.
  • "Space" - jump.
  • The right mouse button allows you to dive.
  • Button "Tab" - running, acceleration.

After learning the controls, you can start playing! To do this, click Play! Good luck!

We wish you more victories, and as the highest reward - to be 1 in the ranking of the best penguins in the Just Fall.LOL game.

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